Dr K Kumaresan was conferred Fellow of the Indian College of Nuclear Medicine at the SNM-India Conference at AIIMS Jodhpur on 16th Nov 2023

Dr K Kumaresan delivered a talk on “Myocardial Perfusion SPECT in Non-ischemic Cardiomyopathy” in the NCSI conference at MGU Jaipur on 5th Nov 2023

Had the honour of delivering the First Oration in memory of Late Prof Dr MM Reddy on 21st Oct 2023

Moderated Panel Discussion on Evaluation of Hydronephrosis in the ANMPI conference at Faridabad on 29th Sep 2023.

Dr K Kumaresan gave a talk on “Impact of iodine saturation in treatment of thyroid diseases and how to overcome the same” in the Conference of Southern chapter of SNM India held at Hyderabad in August 2023

Dr K Kumaresan gave a talk on “Radio-iodine therapy in Locally Advanced Thyroid Cancer” in the Thyroid 2023 conference held in Apollo Hyderabad.
Dr K Kumaresan served as Faculty in the Asia Pacific Thyroid Society conference at Kochi on 25th March 2023
Dr K Kumaresan moderated a Panel Discussion on Nuclear Cardiology as part of SNMI conference organized at AIIMS New Delhi on 10th Dec 2022
Dr K Kumaresan gave a talk on Nuclear Cardiology in the Update on Caridac Imaging organized by Vista Imaging at Hotel Golconda, Hyderabad on 20th Nov 2022
On 24th Sep 2022, Dr K Kumaresan delivered a talk on “Role of Nuclear Scans in Surgical Practice at the 8th TS ASICON at Karimnagar

Dr K Kumaresan gave a talk in the virtual 26th Annual conference of the Southern Chapter SNM-I on “Googlies and Dhoosras-Interesting Scintillations.”

Dr K Kumaresan gave a talk on “Role of Tc99m Sestamibi Tumor Scintigraphy in the evaluation of Thyroid Nodule” in the Society of Nuclear Medicine Conference on 16th Dec 2021

Our Techs Ms Aijaz Tabassum and Mr Anand Kumar presented scientific posters in the conference.

Dr K Kumaresan was awarded by Hybiz TV as the Best Doctor in Nuclear Medicine on 30th Oct 2021

Dr K Kumaresan gave a talk on “Nuclear Cardiology in the era of Multi-modality Imaging in Coronary artery disease”


15th June 2021

18th February 2021

We completed 14 years of service on 15th Jan 2021

Original scientific work done at KK Nuclear Scans presented as e-Posters in the SNMICON2020 Virtual Conf. on 13th December 2020

Ms Tabassum presented on:
Bladder Volume during Direct Radionuclide Cystography by Percutaneous supra-pubic Puncture Technique

Mr Anand presented on:
Tc99m Pertechnetate uptake and
rh-TSH injection to plan radio-iodine
I-131 therapy in Grave’s Disease

3rd Oct 2020

24th Aug 2020

Presented on “Googlies in Nuclear Medicine”

30th March 2020

Emergency Tc99m scan detects ectopic gastric mucosa in Meckel’s diverticulum of a 1-year-old child with lower GI bleeding. The scan was performed as a life-saving procedure during the corona lockdown.

1st March 2020

Dr K Kumaresan participates in the “Nuclear Medicine Update on GI oncology” at AIG Hitec City Hyderabad

15-16 February 2020

Dr K Kumaresan participates in the CT Workshop for NM Physicians held at KREST, Hyderabad

8th February 2020

Dr K Kumaresan felicitated in the inaugural function of Indian Thyroid Society Conference at Visskhapatnam, where he delivered a lecture on “Recombinant hTSH – Really useful ?”

15th January 2020

KK Nuclear Scans completes 13 years of service and staff celebrated the 13th anniversary

14th December 2019

Dr K Kumaresan moderated a Panel Discussion on “Thyroid Cancer – what is new?” at 51st Annual Conference of SNM India at The Lalit Hotel, Mumbai on 14th Dec 2019

2-3 November 2019

Mr S Anand, our Senior Technologist presented a scientific poster “Evaluation of Painful Knee Prosthesis with Three Phase Bone Scan – Our Experience” in the SoCh SNM I 25th Annual Conference at MVR cancer Hospital Kozhikode on 2-3 Nov 2019

3rd November 2019

Dr K Kumaresan took part in the “Kiddie Party – Radionuclide scan in Pediatric Nephro-Urology” at the 25th Annual conference of SoCh SNM I at MVR Cancer Hospital Kozhikode 3rd Nov 2019

6th October 2019

Dr K Kumaresan participated in a debate and spoke on “Fractional Flow Reserve Versus Myocardial Flow reserve” at the 12th Biennial Conference of NCSI at MIOT hospital, Chennai on 6th Oct 2019

21st September 2019

Dr K Kumaresan made a presentation on “Nuclear Medicine in Gastroenterology” in the 17th ANMPI conference at Pune on 21st Sep 2019

14th September 2019

Dr K Kumaresan gave a talk on “Radionuclide Imaging in Pediatric Gastroenterology” in Annual Conference of Indian Association of Paediatric Surgeons of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh at Hotel Abode Hyderabad on 14th Sep 2019

20th July 2019

Dr K Kumaresan delivered a lecture on “Nuclear Medicine Basics” at the 18th Hyderabad Annual Radiologic Physics Course at KIMS Auditorium Hyderabad.

18th May 2019

Dr K Kumaresan was a panellist along with President ATA and Presidents of ANMPI in the discussion on “ATA Guidelines” in the Indian Thyroid Society Conference held at Hotel Taj West End, Bangalore.

12th May 2019

Dr K Kumaresan presented a scientific poster on “Appropriate Use of Stress Myocardial Perfusion Scan – One-year study from a standalone Nuclear imaging centre” in International Congress of Nuclear Cardiology held at Lisbon, Portugal during 10 -12 May 2019.

21st April 2019

Dr K Kumaresan delivered a talk on Nuclear Scan Versus FFR in the assessment of Functional Stenosis. Imaging and Physiology Summit 2019 by Hyderabad Interventional Council at Hotel Marigold Hyderabad

7th April 2019

Dr K Kumaresan delivered Se Sesha Sai Oration of the Indian Academy of Pediatrics – Telangana Chapter Branch on the Topic “Pediatric Nuclear Medicine – a Journey of Three Decades” at Hotel Plaza Hyderabad.

17th February 2019

On 17th Feb 2019, Dr K Kumaresan participated in the Cardiovascular Imaging workshop held at Airport Novotel Hotel at Hyderabad and gave a talk on “Nuclear Cardiology – what is established and what is the future?”

10th February 2019

On 10th Feb 2019, Dr K Kumaresan gave a talk on “Impact of New ATA guidelines on the management of Thyroid Cancer” in the CME on Current Concepts in Nuclear Oncology at Adyar Cancer Hospital Chennai.

9th February 2019

On 9th Feb 2019, Dr K Kumaresan delivered the Dr PS Ghatge Memorial Oration of IMA Hyderabad City on the topic “Appropriateness in use of Nuclear Scan – Experience at Hyderabad”

30th January 2019

On 30th Jan 2019, Dr K Kumaresan gave a talk on “ Radionuclides in Paediatric Nephro-Urology” to the students and staff of NICE Hospital Hyderabad

KK Nuclear Scans completes 12 years of service as of 15th Jan 2019

KK Nuclear Scans was inaugurated on 15 Jan 2007. Now, we have completed 12 years. During the year 2018, we have rendered service to patients –139 patients were treated with radioiodine for thyroid disease and 4907 patients benefitted by the Gamma Camera scanning procedures Kidney scans (48%), Cardiac scans (15%), Thyroid scans (14%), Bone scans ( 9%), others (14%) We also made a humble contribution to the economically weaker section in the society by giving a discount to the tune of more than Rs One Lakh every month during the year 2018. We have supported the continuing education activity under NIMS Radiology Alumni Association. We pledge to continue to strive for excellence in our services to the patients.

10th-11th August 2018

Dr K Kumaresan participated in Sothern Chapter SNM conference at Visakhapatnam on 10 -11 Aug 2018. He delivered the Inaugural Address and presented a lecture on “Common Mistakes and Lessons Learn in Renal Scintigraphy”. He also chaired the Dr Ramadoss Oration delivered by Dr Muralikrishna Voona.

Mr Anand Kumar Senior NM tech at KK Nuclear Scans presented a Scientific Paper on “Special technical modification for myocardial SPECT in morbidly obese patients


7th February 2018

Dr K Kumaresan gives a talk on “Radio-iodine Refractory Thyroid Cancer” in the Twin Cities NM Meeting held at NIMS on 7th Feb 2018.

27th January 2018

Dr K Kumaresan gives a talk on “Bone Scan in Orthopaedics” at the CME organized by Vijayawada Orthopaedic Society at The Gateway Hotel on 27th Jan 2018.

KK Nuclear Scans completes 11 Years of Service on 15th Jan 2018

Dr K Kumaresan participates in Indian Cancer Congress at Bangalore. Moderated the ANMPI debate on management of thyroid cancer where Prof CS Bal from AIIMS defended the ATA guidelines and Prof Markus Luster from Germany defended the ETA guidelines.

15th September 2017

Dr K Kumaresan delivered a talk in the Autumn Meeting 2017 of the British Society of Nuclear Medicine held at ACC Liverpool on 15th Sep 2017. The topic was “Clinical Experience with Recombinant TSH in Nuclear Thyroidology”.

12th & 13th April 2017

Dr K Kumaresan participates in 23rd Annual Conference of SNM South held at Kovai Medical Center, Coimbatore and talks on “Surprises in Nuclear Medicine”. He also conducted a “Case based interactive session on Paediatric Nephro-Urology” in the ISCORN Workshop alongwith Dr Andrew Hilson from UK and Dr Pinar Kiratli from Turkey.

197 Kg patient undergoes Cardiac Scan!
to check fitness for Bariatric (Weight Loss) surgery.

Extendable table top pallets have a maximal weight limit in many scanning machines like CT, MRI, Angio Lab and SPECT / PET. So when such a patient is rejected by these, we at KK Nuclear Scans could help by adopting a modification in the instrument and in the procedure. By moving the entire table and not the pallet under the camera and by keeping the patient on his side we could obtain high quality cardiac scan.

22nd April 2017

Dr K Kumaresan shared his experience on “Radio-iodine Therapy of Thyroid Cancer” in CME’s organized by Vadamalayan Hospital, Madurai on 8th April 2017 And By Vijaywada Oncology Society on 22nd April 2017.

24th–25th February 2017

Dr K Kumaresan participated in the Indian Thyroid Society Conference at Delhi as Guest Faculty alongwith with Jennifer Sipos and Von Norstrand of USA.

14th January 2017

KK Nuclear Scans completes 10 years of service!

Celebration after having scanned 24,834 patients and treated 1000 thyroid patients with radio-iodine over 10 years. Padmashree Prof Kakarla Subbarao, Dr SSurender Reddy of Vijaya Diag center and Dr Subramanyeshwar Rao of Basavatarakam Cancer Hospital and 90 other guests graced the function.

16th-18th September 2016

Dr K Kumaresan participated as Faculty in the 14th Annual Conference of ANMPI (Association of NM Physicians of India) held at Aurangabad. Introduced Dr Lorenzo Biassoni from Great Ormond Street Childrens Hospital London UK for delivering Dr SK Sharma Oration. Moderated a Panel Discussion on the New ATA Guidelines for Management of Differentiated Thyroid Cancer with Panelists from TMH Mumbai and AIIMS New Delhi.

13th-14th August 2016

Dr K Kumaresan participated in the 22nd Annual Conference of the Southern Chapter of SNM India held at KMC, Manipal. Dr Kala Roopa Kumaresan and Mrs Geetha Kumaresan also attended the event.

20th March 2016

Dr K Kumaresan participated as Faculty in NIMS CME at Hyderabad on 19th March 2016 and in ANMPI CME held at Cancer Institute (WIA) Adyar Chennai on 20th March 2016.

27th February 2016

Mr Anand Sr NM Technologist of KK Nuclear Scans presented Scientific Poster titled “Decay Corrected Delayed Image for Better Interpretation of Dynamic Renal Scintigraphy equivocal for presence or absence of Obstruction” on Work in the area of Dynamic Renal scan in the 47th Annual Conference of SNM India held at JIPMER Pondy on 27th Feb 2016.

2nd November 2015
Work on Parathyroid Scintigraphy from KK Nuclear Scans presented in Asia Oceania Congress of Nuclear Medicine held at  ICC Jeju Island, Korea.

15th October 2015
Organized 2nd Thyroid Cancer Forum Meeting at Hotel NKM Grand Erramanzil Hyderabad where Protocol for surveillance of treated cases of thyroid cancer was discussed.

8th October 2015
Guest Lecture on “Why Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging?” in the Oncology Solutions GE Training Program held at Hotel Lemon Tree, Hiec City Hyderabad.

4th October 2015
Gave lecture on “Novel uses of Rh-TSH in Nuclear Thyroidology” in the Annual Conference of ANMPI held at Kumarakam Zuri Resort, Kerala.

17th September 2015
Gave lecture on “Changing Concepts in Management of Differentiated Thyroid Cancer” at the monthly meeting of Hyderabad Endocrine Society held at Hotel Amruta Castle.

30th August 2015
Served as Faculty in Teaching Program on Radionuclides in Urology and Nephrology, held at Asian Institute of Nephrology & Urology, Hyderabad.

1st August 2015
Role of SPECT in Imaging Myocardial Viability. 20th Annual Conference of CSI Hyderabad Chapter, Hotel Radisson Blu, Banjara Hills Hyderabad

29th July 2015
Myocardial Perfusion Imaging. CME lecture at Apollo Hospital, Hyderguda

15th July 2015
Current Status of Nuclear Medicine. CME lecture at Max Cure Hospital, Hitec City Hyderabad

5th July 2015
Nuclear Cardiology for Physicians. 11th Annual Conference of Association of Physicians of India, Tamil Nadu Chapter Tanjore.

4th July 2015
Nuclear Medicine for the General Practitioner. CME lecture for IMA Arantangi Branch, Tamil Nadu

29th Mar 2015
KKNS sponsored a CME lecture by Dr K Kumaresan for the IMA Branch at Raichur, Karnataka which was held on 29th March 2015. Eighty doctors attended the program.

24th Feb 2015
We lost a great NM Technologist with the sudden demise of Ms Bingi Swapna . She was always cool and was a source of strength and confidence to all around her.  We will miss her always.

10th Jan 2015
Thyroid Cancer Forum launched in Hyderabad with the first meeting convened by Dr K Kumaresan to discuss the current status with Thyroid Cancer surgeons at Hotel GKM Grand. Dr Shanmuga Sundaram Head Dept of Nuclear Medicine from Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences Kochi participated as Guest Speaker. Dr Kavitha and Dr Zakir Ali made presentations.

20 Dec 2014
Dr K Kumaresan delivers lecture on “Role of Nuclear Medicine in Orthopedics” in the Vijayawada Orthopedic Association meeting.

22-23 Nov 2014
Dr K Kumaresan participates in the GE “Wizards of Oncology” Program held at Taj Lands End Mumbai.

16 Nov 2014
Dr K Kumaresan participates in the 26th Annual Conference of APSOGUS – AP Society of Genito-urinary Surgeons held at Rangarayya Medical College Auditorium, Kakinada.

15 Nov 2014
Dr K Kumaresan teaches on “Current Role of NM & PET-CT in Clinical Practice” to PG students from Gen Medicine & Paediatrics at Rangarayya Medical College Hospital, Kakinada.

19 Oct 2014
Mr Lingam Srinivasa Rao, Nuclear Medicine Technologist Trainee of KKNS who completed his 2 years in-field training is certified by ANMPI following passing the examination conducted at NIMS Hyderabad.


28 Sep 2014
Dr K Kumaresan participates in 11th Asia Oceania Thyroid Congress at Kochi and delivers a talk in the ANMPI-ITS Joint session on Nuclear Thyroidology.


31 Aug 2014
Dr K Kumaresan invited to participate as Panelist in discussion on Management of Differentiated Thyroid Cancer: in KAKATI-SURGE, PG educational program, Kakatiya Medical College Warangal.

20 Aug 2014
Dr K Kumaresan makes a presentation on “Current Role of Nuclear Medicine in Paediatric Practice” at Ankura Childrens Hospital Hyderabad.

9 Aug 2014
Dr K Kumaresan participates in the academic session of St.Theresa Hospital Hyderabad and delivers a talk on “Current Role of NM & PET-CT in Clinical Practice”.


29 July 2014
Dr K Kumaresan addresses doctors at Little Star Childrens Hospital Hyderabad and gives a talk on “Current Role of Nuclear Medicine in Paediatric Practice”.

25 July 2014
Dr K Kumaresan delivers CME lecture on “Current Role of NM & PET-CT in Clinical Practice” in the monthly meeting of IMA Mancherial Branch.

8 July 2014
Dr K Kumaresan participates in the monthly CME meeting of IMA Adilabad Branch and talks on “Current Role of NM & PET-CT in Clinical Practice”.

1 July 2014
Dr K Kumaresan gives a talk on “Current Role of Nuclear Medicine in the Evaluation of Coronary Artery Disease” at Sunshine Heart Institute, Hyderabad.

31 May 2014
Dr K Kumaresan addresses doctors at Omni Hospital, Dilsukhnagar Hyderabad and gives a talk on “Current Role of NM & PET-CT in Clinical Practice”.


8 Feb 2014
Dr K Kumaresan participates as Faculty in 33rd CME Programme for General Surgical Postgraduates, Govt Rajaji Hospital Auditorium, Madurai Medical College Madurai and gives a lecture on “Radio-isotopes in Surgical Practice”.

22 Jan 2014
Dr K Kumaresan teaches PGDCC students at Mediciti Hospital Hyderabad on Radionuclide Evaluation of Coronary Artery Disease.

29 Dec 2013
Twin cities NM Family picnic at Kakarla Farm House.


23-24 Nov 2013
Dr K Kumaresan participated as ANMPI faculty at the ‘Indian Cancer Congress 2013 held at Kempinski Ambience Hotel at Delhi.


27 Oct 2013
Dr K Kumaresan presented “Practice Guidelines for Nuclear Cardiology in Indian Scenario” in the IX Biennial Conference Nuclear Cardiology Society of India held at Hotel Hyatt Regency, Chennai.


23 Oct 2013
Farewell to Dr Gowri Dillikar on her departure to Pune.


9 Sep 2013
Scientific papers presented in European Thyroid  Congress held at Leiden, Netherlands.


23 June 2013
Guest speaker in Thyroid Cancer CME at Chennai.


20 June 2013
Teaching NM Technology students at Apollo Hospital, Chennai.


10 March 2013
Talking at CME on Thyroid at Visakhapatnam in ANMPI CME for North Andhra Surgeons Association.


21 Oct 2012
With Tech trainee students at Indraprastha Apollo Hospital Delhi.


14 Oct 2012
Honoured with appointment as Visiting Prof to Dr MGR Medical University of Tamil Nadu by Vice Chancellor Prof Mayilvahanan.


29 Sep 2012
Guest Lecture at ANMPI conference held at Delhi.


17 June 2012
Conducted Certification Exam for Tech trainees at Basvatarakam Cancer Hospital Hyderabad.


19 Feb 2012
Twin cities NM Family Picnic at Pragathi Resorts.


13 Jan 2012
5th Anniversary of KKNS celebrated.


30 Sept 2011
Organized ANMPI conference at Hyderabad – Inaugurated by Hon Union Minister Mrs Purandeswari.

2 July 2011
Dr K Kumaresan invited as Faculty for the ANMPI-GE  4th Conference of the Wizards of Molecular Imaging, held at Mamallapuram to speak on Multi-modality imaging in the work up of CAD.


03 Feb 2011
Dr K Kumaresan invited to IAEA Vienna as Advisor on Staffing Requirement in Nuclear Medicine.


16 Jan 2011
Staff celebrate 4th Anniversary of KKNS.

29-31 Oct 2010
Dr K Kumaresan serves as Faculty in the 8th Annual conference of ANMPI, held at Hotel Uday Samudra Kovalam.

21 Oct 2010
Dr K Kumaresan participates in the Pre ISOT Conference Workshop on Renal Transplant Imaging and speaks on the Role of Nuclear Medicine, held at  Marriot Convention Centre, Hyderabad..

15 Oct 2010
Dr K Kumaresan  invited to talk on “Adjuvant Radio-iodine therapy in differentiated thyroid cancer” in the 10th FHNO-IFHNOS Conference held at The Taj Residency, Bangalore.


12 Aug 2010
Dr K Kumaresan convened NM Technician Training Course at Apollo Hospital Chennai.

17 April 2010
Dr K Kumaresan participates in the Asia Pacific Thyroid Cancer Management Workshop held at Hongkong.


14 April 2010
Unit II of KKNS inaugurated at Dilsukhnagar.


15 Jan 2010
Staff celebrate 3rd Anniversary of KKNS.


5 Dec 2009
Scientific papers presented from KK Nuclear Scans by Ms Tabassum in the 41st Annual Conference of SNM (I) held at Jaipur.

24 Oct 2009
Dr K Kumaresan participates in ICNM Seminar on Therapeutic Nuclear Medicine. AIIMS, New Delhi to talk on “Radioiodine –  a definitive option for toxic nodular goiter”.


19 Sep 2009
Dr K Kumaresan awarded Dr SK Sharma Oration of the ANMPI at Bangalore.


25 April 2009
Twin cities NM Academic meet hosted at KKNS.


7 March 2009
An interesting case of  Accessory Mediastinal Thyroid Tissue presented in the Indian Thyroid Society Conference held at Hyderabad. 


15 Feb 2009
Staff Family Picnic to Ramoji Film City.

8 Dec 2007
Dr K Kumaresan awarded Brig SKMazumdar Memorial Oration at the 39th Annual Conference of the Society of Nuclear Medicine India held at SGPGI Lucknow.

28 Sept 2007
Dr K Kumaresan invited to talk on “What is new in Radio-iodine Therapy of Thyroid Cancer?” in the 5th ANMPI Conference at Udaipur.

28-29 July 2007
Organized 13th Conference of Southern Chapter, Society of Nuclear Medicine, India at KREST Auditorium Hyderabad.


7 April 2007
Dr K Kumaresan invited as Faculty to Paradigm- an interactive workshop to talk on Assessment of Viable Myocardium – Role of SPECT held at India Habitat Center, Delhi

15 Jan 2007
Inauguration of KKNS by Padmashree Prof Kakarla Subbarao, Former Director of NIMS and Chairman of KREST.